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From: ~**~WHITE BUFFALO TEACHINGS~**~'48 Truly Transcendent pages'
By: Harvey Arden
( )

Pictures & Story Copyright : Jeffrey Smith

Dear Harvey,

I had to share this with you. Back when Miracle, the first of the White buffalo's had passed away, I was out for a walk with my wife. We saw a totem in the sky, it was a long pipe. It Looked as if a hand was holding the mouthpiece out to the world. It lasted for 1 1/2 hours in the sky.

Then another pipe also appeared. I felt it was a sign saying another would come in about a year and a half, we; I was a couple of months off. But a White Buffalo calf was born to one of Miracle's children to the same family in Janesville Wis. I'm sending you the photos I took of the 'Cloud Pipes.' I hope you enjoy them, please share them with all who are interested.

Jeffrey Smith

Click on each picture to view larger version.

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Smith for Permission - & Norma for the connection!

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