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Memory Dream Catcher

Different from the common known Dream Catcher with the intertwining net in the middle, the Memory Dream Catcher serves a different purpose.

It is used to gather, and hold, important dreams.

These Dream Catchers in particular, are hand-made by a Medicine Woman, and Artist: 'Karumbat,' and can be purchased at 'Indian Soul Art' in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Indian Soul Art
900 E. Karen Ave, Suite A110,
Las Vegas, NV, 89109, (702) 737-5700

See Website for details about these beautiful Dream Catchers, and read the Ancient Dream Catcher Tale.
Various Instruments

Flutes and Drums, Rattles and more can be found at the Pow Wow and Tribal Stores.

Great just for fun, decoration, or to learn to play a note or two!
Beautiful Rock Art by:
Jachelle Mariah Yazzie, 12 years old

Her art has been featured on the following website:

At the age of four, she discovered her talent for artwork, and has been recognized and won many contest ribbons for her talents as a young artist. Her parents are also well known for their artistic pottery. She sells her artwork to invest her earnings in purchasing riding equipment, another one of her passions, and in hopes to save enough to buy her own horses and trailer someday.
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Beautiful hand made Bracelet, ( above ), and Choker,
( below ), By: Dancing Star Creations. Do visit her site!
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