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::Native Americans & Animals:

We are connected to all which is around us, keeping a balance between humans and nature. Use only what you need, what you must for food and shelter, always preserving what you can.

The power of the animals which skins are used to clothe and nourish is respected by honoring their spirit in art, song and dance. We travel with the animals as brothers and sisters, learning from them and sharing nature around us - always remaining connected.

Totem Animals, Spirit | Animal Guides:

The Nature of the Animal will vary from tribe to tribe, depending on their area and location. From the Ant to the Hawk, the Dolphin to the Horse, each animal has a meaning and a purpose.

It begins with your main totem, that of birth, then you have the totems that help you along the way. Totems are not chosen by us, they are who choose.

You may have many personal totems that come to you when they are needed, and then leave when their job is accomplished.

Each animal that comes to you, shares it's wisdom, protection, guidance and | or skills which will assist you in your time of need.

As the totem pole features many different animals, so there will be many different animals to assist you. It all depends on your personal walk through life.

*Wolf - Pictures and a brief explanation of the connection between Wolves and Native Americans.

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