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Of Ghosts, Goblins, & Other Good Stories by: Millie Wolfe Fischer
Of Flapjacks & Sorghum Molasses - "a heap of old memories" by: Millie Wolfe Fischer
Cover Art by:
Joseph Dunn
Cover art by: Magaret Peppard
Millie Wolfe Fischer
::Millie Wolfe Fischer::

Millie Wolfe Fischer was born in the pre-dawn of the Great Depression. Like many other American families struggling to survive, her family was forced to move from place to place looking for work, a warm meal, and a safe place to sleep. Her travels through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana exposed her, at a young age, to many lessons in life that children today, hopefully, will never have to learn. Because the nomadic lifestyle didn't lend itself to a stable home, she had very little structured education, but, nevertheless, her mother ensured she was taught the fundamentals.

The combination of simple country living, the deprivation of the Depression, a colorful exposure to other cultures through travel, and learning from contact with those cultures, plus an intense love for nature and God's creatures, and a curiousness that favored self-education, has given her writings its distinct flavor.

She has written columns and articles for newspapers, but for the last several years has devoted her writings to nostalgia from the era of her youth. Her poetry often appears in magazines such as The Ozarks Mountaineer.

"The Storyteller"
Millie Wolfe Fischer and grand-daughter.

Writings by Millie Wolfe Fischer:

This Was Our Town, Mandeville
Historical/genealogical anecdotes about the once quiet village of Mandeville, Louisiana, 55 pages/pictures

Footprints Through the Palms
Poems and anecdotes about the Indian Canyons near Palm Springs, California, 36 pages/pictures/illustrations

Of Cobwebs & Cocklebur
Nostalgic poetry, 48 pages/illustrations

Of Dusty Roads & Little Red Wagons
Nostalgic poetry, 45 pages/illustrations

Of Terrapins & Cottontails
Nostalgic poetry, 44 pages/illustrations

Of Small Towns and Good Neighbors
Anecdotes about the citizens of Paris, Arkansas, in the 1930's/40's, 42 pages/pictures/genealogical listing

Of Mountain Mist and Wild Strawberries
Nostalgic poetry, 47 pages/illustrations

Of Country Life and Warm Friends
Anecdotes about people/life around Ratcliff/Paris, Arkansas in the 1930's-1950's, 40 pages/pictures/genealogical listing

Of Ghosts, Goblins, and Other Good Stories
Stories of unexplained events, 47 pages/pictures/illustrations

Of Flapjacks and Sorghum Molasses
Nostalgic poetry with narrative, 44 pages/illustrations

Of Back Roads and Barb Wire Fences
Anecdotes about East Texas at the beginning of the Depression, 39 pages/illustrations

Of Whistle Stops and Whippoorwill Peas
Anecdotes about rural life in Arkansas in the Depression, 35 pages/illustrations

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The Storyteller
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