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* Various Recipes - including Native American Recipes of all kinds! [Page 1]

* Various Recipes - Native American Recipes of all kinds! [Page 2]

*Herbal | Natural - Recipes

Single Page recipes, or various recipes of a single category:

* Simple Bread | Dough Recipe - pictures included!

* Goldenseal: A Traditional Native American Herb with Many Uses by: Scott Meyers

* New Black Pepper Corn Bread: Hearty and Delicious - By: Eldon Beard

* Simple Bread Recipes: Quick Dinner Rolls, Chestnut Bread, Cherokee Fry Bread & Bannock Bread

* Pacific Northwest Salmon and The Klamath River - By: Phyllis D. Burns

* Native American Food ( Fry Bread ) - Video

::Links | Resources::

Check out these yahoo! searches for great Native Recipes:

*Native American Recipes
*Short Native American Recipes

::Recipe Sites::

Native Chefs
Native American Recipes
Native Recipes
Welcome to NativeTech: Indigenous Food and Traditional Recipes
Recipe Source
Pitter's Cherokee Trails
Native American Recipes
Cherokees of California Cookbook
Navajo and Pueblo Indian Fry Bread
Recipe Goldmine
Native American Recipes

::Herbal Remedies & Recipe Links::

Native American Herbal, Plant Knowledge
Native American Medicine: A Herbal Heritage
Cherokee Herbal, The: Native Plant Medicine from the Four Directions by J. T. Garrett - 1879181967
Sacred Herbs
Medicinal Herbs


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